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Progressive referrals earnings

Here the Bitcoins are progressive and still growing. Go ahead in one of the plans and get a percentual everyday for a limited time. Earn more every member invited.


Limited plans

All the payments have a time to start and end, lasting up 25 running days depending the plan. Choose the plan that suits your needs.

Cheap and safe investments

Start invest from only 10 USD and receive in the final of the time your incomes.

Public blockchain

All the investments are in a public blockchain and every transaction in the CryptoPay can be traced.

So How It Works / What do I have to know

CryptoPay is a blockchain system developed to be public and safe. All the plans have limited time, since it is impossible to pay or create a plan that pays forever. To keep the payments up to date, we developed 3 types of plans to different kinds of users. Depending the plan, the payments may change and can pay up to 25 days.

Before start all you have to know is the basic informations about Crypto Pay. For this, you can read our FAQ or ask for support.

Have A Question?

Get tha basic answers to the most asked questions

  • How to make a new CryptoPay account?

    You can sign up for a new CryptoPay account using your email address. Beyond this, we ask some informations like username and a simple password to complete your register.

  • How much is the duration of a plan?

    The first plan pays 10% for 14 running days. The second plan pays 10% for 18 running days. The third plan pays 10% for 25 running days.

  • What is the minimum to withdraw?

    We keep the minimum to withdraw in 0.001 BTC due the high fees of bitcoin network.

  • How much is the minimum to invest?

    You can deposit and invest since 10 USD (ten dollars) equivalent in bitcoin in the current quotation.

  • Where can I find the referral link?

    You can find your link to promote inside the account, in referral page. You just have to copy and promote.

  • Why would I disclose my referral link?

    Because disclose your link to friends you earn a bonus value read to withdraw.

  • How much I earn with my referrals?

    You earn 10% of each deposit made by people that used your link.

  • Know more about the terms

    Through this link you can read our terms and conditions.

  • To read more about the politic of privacy

    Through this link you can read our politic of privacy.

Choose Your Plan



10% for 14 running days until finish the period. Excelent option to invest less and get the return in less time.

Choose this



10% for 18 running days until finish the period. Excelent option to invest an intermediate investment, with a longer time.

Choose this



10% for 25 running days until finish the period. Best option when it comes to return on investment, however, with a bigger time, during a entire month.

Choose this

Keep contact

Are you having troubles with Cryptopay? Drop us a letter right now or use the social medias.